Welcome to Mason & Mefford

Mason & Mefford Inc. is a logistic warehousing and trucking operation headquartered at 3705 Shun Pike Road, Madison, Indiana 47250. The company provides inventory management, storage, wrecker service and trucking services to a variety of industrial businesses located in southern Indiana and Kentucky. M&M has a branch office and operation located on Highway 42 West Carrollton, Kentucky 41008.

Background and History

Gayle Mefford started out his early years in the owner operator trucking business. As he developed experience and made friends and business contacts in the Madison, Indiana area, he made the decision to change his business direction. Gayle realized that he had an opportunity to create a trucking firm to support local businesses with options for expansion into a multi-business operation.

In 1984 Lloyd Mason, a successful businessman entered the picture. Lloyd offered to provide capital to the company in exchange for ownership interest, and M&M was formed. Mr. Mason and Mr. Mefford formed the partnership with the understanding of what each partner was going to contribute to the company. Mr. Mefford was going to run the day to day operations, while Mr. Mason was going to be the silent partner, providing capital on an as needed basis.

From 1984 until 1997 Mr. Mefford focused on growing the trucking enterprise. He also slowly expanded the business to include a warehouse service for select clients in the Madison business community. When Mr. Mefford noticed there was an unmet demand for wrecking crews to tow trucks and local vehicles, he decided to add a wrecker service division for trucks and automobiles. Other expansions for the business included hiring a repair staff to do service work on the truck fleet and providing a service department to do outside service repair work to fill the work schedule for the garage.

In 1991 M&M expanded the operation to include a Kentucky location in Prestonville to support the growing Carrollton and Carroll County business area needs. The Kentucky business provides a maintenance service department for outside customers with a 24-hour 7-day a week wrecker service to Interstate 71 and Semi trucks. Other services of the Kentucky location include a Giant tire service for the various steel companies, construction sites, and other industry for Carroll and Gallatin counties, an on-site maintenance service that supplies key support maintenance, welders, and pipe fitters for local chemical industry, and providing and supporting equipment operations in the steel industry. There is also a "Buy here pay here" car sales operation and "Rent A Wreck", which serves the community and local companies with car, truck, and van rentals.

Mason & Mefford continues to grow and expand today because of its proven quality of service and reliability to its current customers, and its continued commitment to provide services to meet the growing needs of the business community.

Our business is supplying the service you need.